How was the rating system developed?

The SCSH rating system was developed at Oregon State University by Dr. Sathyanarayanan (Sathy) Rajendran for his PhD research with Dr. John Gambatese as his advising professor.

Using the Delphi Technique, a panel of construction safety and health experts from across the U.S. identified safety and health program elements that are used on projects, and rated those elements regarding their impact on improving worker safety and health.  From this list, a multi-criteria decision analysis was used to select the elements to include in the rating system.  The selected elements and associated weights were then combined to create the SCSH rating system.  A varied sample of construction projects was used to validate the accuracy and test the sensitivity of the rating system.

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Research and development efforts continue to take place to improve SCSH.  There are opportunities to become a research partner, provide project data to fine-tune SCSH, and provide support for further research and development.  Read more about how to get involved:


The SCSH Rating System was made possible through the support of many individuals. We would like to thank all of the representatives of the owner, designer, and construction firms who provided data for the research. We are especially grateful to the safety experts who participated in the Delphi process in spite of their busy schedules. Without the time and effort provided by all of these individuals, the rating system and this website would not be possible. Thank you.

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